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Career Coaching

Career coaching

Career Coaching aims to assist individuals in making successful choices and creating strategies for a rewarding career and life. It’s not just looking at what your job is and what your skills are; it’s delving deeper to unlock an individual’s potential and help them become more confident and motivated to make the next step.


Our coaches have a broad range of experience and they work with the individual on their career journey. We help you understand your strengths and career aspirations and then provide practical advice and support to achieve your career goals. Our coaching will leave you with a clearer career direction and the actions to be taken to start planning and building the career outcomes you aspire to.

Career coaching is for individuals in need of a new direction, in times of transition and change, or re-entering the workplace after a prolonged absence.

Coaching topics

  • Career development and how to build an action plan for career progression
  • Prepare you to re-enter the workforce after an absence
  • Understand your strengths and career aspirations
  • Understand your development areas
  • Increase your confidence and interpersonal skills
  • Tips and techniques for ongoing career management
  • Build a network of career-minded professionals
  • Establish sponsors to fast track your career

More information

We will customise our solution to meet your specific needs and audience.

Please call Amanda Webb, our CEO, on M: 0419 995 480, or send her an email.

"The coaching sessions were no less than life changing, unlocking my passion and strengths whilst addressing some real life challenges. "

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