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We enable individuals and leaders to clarify their purpose, accelerate their career, embrace inclusion and lead with passion.


We enable individuals and leaders to clarify their purpose, accelerate their career, embrace inclusion and lead with passion.

Driving inclusion and equity

Since 2002

Founded in 2002 by Diana Ryall AM, after an outstanding period as CEO of Apple Australia, Xplore started with an exclusive focus on offering programs, coaching and inspiration to help women achieve their career aspirations.

Today, we partner with individuals and leaders to enable them to clarify their purpose, accelerate their career, embrace inclusion and lead with passion.

We continue to passionately advocate for women in leadership, and for as long as women are underrepresented in these roles, our programs and executive coaching services for women will remain a cornerstone of our offering.

We have a nationwide network of skilled, insightful, accredited facilitators and coaches who are passionate and committed to developing and empowering your employees and organisation.

Over almost 20 years we have had the privilege of supporting and inspiring over 15,000 individuals in leading organisations throughout Australia.

To find out more about our services and offerings, download our 'Who We Are, What We Do' brochure.

We focus on three areas

Career + Purpose

Developing career clarity, strengths, communication style, resilience and support networks for professionals at all levels.


Leadership + Culture

Equipping leaders with the knowledge, skills and behaviours they need to build and lead inclusive cultures.


Coaching + Consulting

Persuasive coaching for accelerated development and consulting for talent retention and identifying inclusive culture needs.


We use a multi-faceted approach to learning and development

In addition to expert facilitation we offer a multi-faceted learning experience including coaching, networking, role models, guest speakers, events and post-session action.

We know what it takes to support people to take risks, move beyond comfort and take responsibility for their own development to bring about lasting change.

We stand by our values:


We believe transparent conversations demonstrate integrity, build trust, generate authenticity and create fairness. At Xplore, we are not afraid to be honest with ourselves, our staff, and our clients.


Whether you’re a member of our team, a client, or one of our participants, we will treat you with the utmost respect and courtesy in all forms of communication and engagement.


We respect our own, our client’s and each other’s priorities. We respond and interact with professionalism, empathy and understanding. We listen and we care.


We engage and retain the best people. Our facilitators, coaches, and programs are second-to-none. We are committed to delivering the best quality services to our clients and partners. We will not rest on our accomplishments.


We believe in diversity, inclusion and the power of teamwork. We know that when we support each other, openly share and generously contribute, we deliver exceptional outcomes.


We have the courage to try new things. We are bold and take risks. We are always looking for ways to improve our company, our services, and our own skills and knowledge. We are inspired by positive change – in the workplace, our communities and the world.

We get involved:

We are proud members of these organisations:

  • Diversity Council Australia
  • Femeconomy
  • NSW Equal Employment Opportunity Practitioners' Association
  • LeanIn

We give back:

At Xplore, we practise philanthropy and are committed to ‘paying it forward’. We passionately support these charities, who are aligned to our purpose and values.

  • Dress for Success Sydney
  • Human and Hope Association
  • Good Return
  • GO Foundation
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