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We are serious about driving inclusion and equity. 

We are serious about

driving inclusion and equity.

We are serious about driving
inclusion and equity.

How do we drive
inclusion and equity?

With a firm focus on women, we have been sowing the seeds of workplace inclusion and equity for almost 20 years. We enable individuals and leaders to clarify their purpose, accelerate their career, embrace inclusion and lead with passion.

So far, we have helped over 15,000 individuals reach their ultimate career and leadership aspirations.


We are trusted by leading organisations

With our nationwide network of experienced facilitators and coaches, and our proven distinctive programs and services, we are changing leaders, lives and careers in all kinds of organisations.

You can count on our impact

“Wonderful to see there will be more Xplore programs at our company in 2021!

It still is the best program I’ve been involved with through work, all these years on. So glad to see you’re still out there doing this and helping everyone to be their best selves!”

“Thank you Xplore for adopting to virtual delivery – even before we all knew how crazy this would get. It was so important to us to make sure these programs would still be available to our people.”

Inclusion and Diversity Leader


Program Content Rating

Participant feedback on overall program content.


Psychological Capital

Industry standard measure of confidence, self-efficacy, optimism, hope and resiliency impact of a program. Our participants showed improvement from medium to high.


Net Promoter Score

Standardised measure of participant satisfaction and likelihood they will recommend to others.

We focus on three areas

Career + Purpose

Creating career clarity, strengths, communication style, resilience and support networks for professionals at all levels.

Leadership + Culture

Equipping leaders with the knowledge, skills and behaviours they need to build and lead inclusive cultures.

Coaching + Consulting

Persuasive coaching for accelerated development and consulting for talent retention and identifying inclusive culture needs.

We offer inspiration


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