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Dalisa Pigram-Ross

Actions we can take as Allies

Dalisa Pigram-Ross, co-Founder Marrugeku Dance & Yawuru Language Teacher, Cable Beach Primary School. Read her story in the free e-book, Inclusionary Leadership.

Over the past two weeks I have received a number of enquiries and questions from clients, colleagues and friends, asking what actions they can take personally, and as leaders, to be more inclusive and an ally to Indigenous Australians. It’s a big question, and I certainly won’t profess to have the answers, however, the Xplore team are continuing to have this ongoing conversation, on this huge topic, and here are a few of the actions we have come up with and highly recommend:

  1. Listen more, talk less, and learn more – especially from those who have the lived experience and are willing to share. Read broadly and deeply from reputable sources to become more informed. Know the data and our true history. Sit with the discomfort. Unpack your own privilege. Ibram Kendi’s book, How to be an Antiracist is a great resource for those who are committed to becoming true allies. It’s available online and in good book stores, and also from Audible. Ibram also spoke with Brené Brown on her recent podcast Unlocking Us, which is an excellent listen. AHRI has just released ‘How to be an effective ally in the workplace’.
  2. Support Indigenous businesses and charities. At Xplore we partner with two Indigenous organisations –  GO Foundation who provide scholarships to Indigenous students and Western Australian Aboriginal Leadership Institute (WAALI) who provide leadership education and training for Indigenous leaders for today and tomorrow. As the 30th of June is fast approaching, how about making a tax-deductable donation to such an organisation. Your money will make a direct and real difference.
  3. Undertake cultural intelligence, anti-racism and inclusive leadership training with your leadership team, or with your own team. BlackCard provides training and consultancy services to enable people and organisations to work effectively with members of the Aboriginal community. It’s a great cultural capability program. Xplore also runs an Inclusive Leadership program.
  4. Join us for our Purpose and Passion Cultural trip to Broome in July 2021. This trip has been specially curated to provide female travellers with a unique opportunity to experience life, community and work – and most importantly learn – from our First Nations leaders and communities. Fundraising for this trip is for WAALI’s 2021 women’s leadership program.
  5. Download the free Inclusionary Leadership e-book. Take a read of Dalisa Pigram-Ross story. She’s the co-Founder of Marrugeku Dance, a Yawuru Language Teacher at Cable Beach Primary School, and an exceptional and proud Aboriginal woman, keeping her language and culture alive.

Amanda Webb

Amanda Webb is a highly experienced and respected Human Resources practitioner and CEO of Xplore.
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