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Equality + Inclusion Consulting



At Xplore we believe that a focus on diversity alone will not deliver the change we need in our organisations. It’s when we put inclusion at the fore, that we finally get traction and shift. Inclusion within an organisation means that people are not only treated equitably, but more importantly, they feel valued and have a sense of belonging. This in turn means they feel safe and empowered, and are able to bring their unique skills and style to work. We have seen first-hand that inclusive cultures unleash innovation and creativity, and dramatically increase the diversity of thought, collaboration and success, throughout an organisation.

With five generations now in the workplace, for the first time in history, inclusive leadership will be key to the future of work, inspiring maximum performance from a diverse workforce.

Xplore partners with organisations who are genuinely committed to creating and embracing a diverse workforce and inclusive workplace culture.


Our Equality + Inclusion Consulting service provides your organisation with a confidential internal assessment of your inclusion and equality policies, practices, initiatives and organisational culture.

We partner with you to build strategies and implement proven solutions to elevate engagement, increase retention, eliminate the gender pay gap, and create a truly diverse and inclusive workplace where employees and the organisation both thrive.


May be a single focus group or multiple groups combined with one-on-one interviews with organisational leaders, according to your needs.

  • Face-to-face interviews:
    Interviews with key senior management to capture their views and challenges in retaining talented employees in the workplace.
  • Focus group for employees:
    One or more focus groups for talented employees in the organisation that support an open qualitative discussion followed by a quantitative survey.
  • Report on the findings:
    Findings will be presented in a report and presented to the senior management team.
  • Key recommendations:
    Recommendations on how retention and engagement can be increased and ways in which the culture can better provide opportunities for their employees and retain talent.

More information

We will customise our solution to meet your specific needs and audience.

Please call Amanda Webb, our CEO, on M: 0419 995 480, or send her an email.

"We immediately started implementing your recommendations and the results are quite eye-opening. Most people were unaware of these biases."

HR Director

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