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Sponsorship Program


Sponsorship is powerful in accelerating the careers of talented women and men within an organisation. Organisations that invest in targeted sponsorship programs have been reaping the rewards of increased talent pools, greater retention of senior employees (particularly women), increased employee engagement and higher quality succession planning.

This program will engage and upskill both the sponsors (executive/senior leaders) and their sponsees (those selected to be sponsored).


Participants will:

  • understand the benefits and power of sponsorship
  • identify the characteristics of an effective sponsor
  • determine what they need from their sponsor/sponsee
  • identify the challenges and barriers of sponsorship
  • engage their sponsor/sponsee and commence their sponsorship journey
  • build a valuable and respectful sponsoring relationship
  • be an ambassador for sponsorship and advocacy in their organisation.

Who for?

This program is for sponsors and sponsees who have been selected to work together in a formalised ‘Sponsorship Program’. The content can also be customised as a ‘Sponsorship Program’ for those who want to be sponsored.


  • 3-hour group workshop


  • Up to 14 sponsees and 14 sponsors.

"Sponsors are the people inside our company who have helped us get to senior levels. Sponsors are what you really need to succeed."

President & CEO, RBC

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