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Gender equality: It’s the business we’re in, and it’s everyone’s business

It is wonderful to see the increased level of conversation and action taking place on gender equality across the country – an issue that is now well and truly a part of the national agenda. Recognition of the role played by men in helping to achieve gender equality in the workplace has also been elevated. This is critical for ensuring we create cultures of fairness and parity. More and more men are speaking up, calling out bias, and opening doors for talented women.

Amanda Webb, our General Manager, recently wrote a thought-provoking article, Why so angry Australia? Our problem with feminist cupcakes, Waleed Aly and Bec Maddern, highlighting the fear we have of difference and the lack of inclusion in Australian society today. Published by Women’s Agenda, this article has received over 1,000 views and many comments – some of which show that Australia has a long way to go before we have ‘gender and cross-cultural’ inclusion.

Highlights over the past couple of months have included my delivery of a keynote at Jones Lang LaSalle as a part of International Women’s Day celebrations, followed by the filming of a three-part video series to share with all employees. We completed the national launch of my book, Unexpected Women, rolled out a totally revised, new-look ‘Career Resiliency’ program, and launched three new short programs: ‘Career Foundations’, ‘Career Catalyst’ and ‘Executive Presence’ to complement our workshops and executive coaching and broaden our offer.  In August, we are running a 6-day cross-cultural leadership program in Tonga, in partnership with Good Return. If you’re interested in joining us, we have one spot left.

If the term ‘Inclusive Leader’ brings a leader you know to mind, please drop us a short note with their name, contact and an example of their inclusive behaviour (50 to 100 words). As a special thank you we will send you a copy of Unexpected Women.

As we approach the middle of the year, I feel that the tide is now finally turning on gender equality in Australia. To maintain the momentum, we need to continue to have robust conversations and take the bold actions necessary to bring about consistent and sustainable change.

As I say, “Gender equality is everyone’s business.”

Diana Ryall

Diana is a leading voice and advocate for Gender Equality in Australia and Founder of Xplore.
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