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Sponsorship – The Pathway to Diversity and Inclusion

Sponsorship is an increasingly important tool for individuals to achieve their career goals and for organisations to stimulate and motivate their top talent.

The best way for an organisation to approach sponsorship is to have a strategy in place. To enable top executives to understand the sponsorship relationship and how it can benefit them, and to teach them how to find talent to sponsor is imperative.

The Xplore workshop Sponsorship Program, was specially designed to tackle gender bias within organisations so that a clearer career pathway can be achieved for women leading to senior management positions. Sponsorship not only achieves success for individuals but for the organisation that benefits from talent being recognized, development and promoted to senior positions.

In these sessions, senior managers will explore ways most suitable for their organisation to ensure that talented women are in positions that bring high value to the organisation rather than lost to other organisations with a more inclusive culture.

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