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Complimentary coaching for your virtual team | Connection and Care | Our take on Resilience | Free e-books and more!

VIRTUAL COACHING FOR YOUR TEAM Free coaching anyone? The Xplore for Success…

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Leading in 2020: Courage. Compassion. Action! | COVID-19: Xplore goes Virtual | Free e-books and more inspo!

COVID-19: Xplore goes Virtual Xplore has had the expertise and technology to deliver our core programs virtually, as a real-time, asynchronous, facilitator lead, experience for many years. With the current impacts of COVID-19, we already have participants who are in isolation, attending our current face-to-face programs…

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Time to stop toeing the line on line positions

There is no doubt that women – and most men – agree that we need more talented women in the senior roles that have eluded them for some time.

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Where on earth is HR?

I continue to hear heart-breaking stories of bullying, harassment, discrimination, and covert or hurtful behaviour from leaders in organisations who not only know better but, ironically, win awards!


Tackling tough conversations

I felt my blood pressure shoot up like a Fourth of July firework in a meeting the other day. You know how it goes. Someone says something that requires a double take. What do you mean?


Asking for a pay rise

Many people find the thought of asking for a pay rise daunting. So how do you ask for a pay rise?

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See it, say it! by Diana Ryall

When I think of any type of inequality, I wonder who else saw it and what did they do about it.

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Achieving a positive outcome from a difficult conversation

The most important part of having a difficult conversation how you approach it.


What does social media say about you?

It’s always a good idea to be on your guard when using social media as, especially when it is a subject that you are passionate about, you can get carried away in the moment!


Your Virtual Presence

Try typing your name into your search engine and see what comes up. Is it the profile that you want to portray to potential or existing employers? If not, it’s time to start working on your virtual presence.

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