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Virtual Learning

As a result of the improved access to knowledge via the Internet, the way in which we learn is also changing. With asynchronous learning (1) such as webinars, employees are able to control their learning environment and pace, and do this from any location at any time. However, the most exciting developments in virtual learning are the availability of tools supporting synchronous learning (2) so that the learners still experience the value of collaboration and discussion by attending scheduled interactive online sessions.

Virtual learning is a means of facilitating new types of organisational learning, especially when aligned with strategic goals. One of the major benefits it offers is consistency of learning, with everyone experiencing the same content, presented in the same way in a timely fashion. This content can be updated in real-time if there are changes to legislation for example. The rollout time of virtual learning can also make an impact on performance, as once the content is completed it can be made available to all.

Virtual learning can also support organisational flexibility initiatives as it allows employees to participate in professional development activities, at a place that is convenient to them. Learning is not exclusive to those that are able to attend face-to-face sessions.

Managing virtual learning also has its challenges, but with effective communication and a clear strategy it can be highly successful in achieving organisational goals.

In response to the growing need for 21st century solutions that provide equity of access throughout geographically dispersed locations the Xplore Virtual Career Resilience (using eight 2-hour synchronous learning sessions) and Virtual Advanced Career Resilience programs (using four 2-hour synchronous learning sessions with four x 1-hour individual coaching sessions) were developed. The programs use proven techniques, content and technologies to deliver the same learning outcomes as the face-to-face resilience programs.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your organisation’s needs and trust this innovation provides a way to ensure there is equity of access to your valued employees. For more information contact us on (02) 9660 4526 or send an email.

(1) Asynchronous learning is when a ‘student’ uses various online resources to assist with learning.
(2) Synchronous learning refers to a learning event in which a group of ‘students’ are engaged in learning at the same time.


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