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Your Virtual Presence

Have you checked your online profile lately? Try typing your name into your search engine and see what comes up… Is it the profile that you want to portray to potential or existing employers? If not, it’s time to start working on your virtual presence.

The first place to start is to delete red flags. Any inappropriate posts or photos that come up should be deleted, you should also check how your Facebook profile displays to the world and set your privacy settings accordingly. Once you have cleared out anything that is not going to look favourable, then it’s time to start working on building the profile that presents you in a professional way. This article may be of help 12 Ways to Make Your Online Profile Work for You.

As this article 5 Reasons Why Your Online Presence Will Replace Your Resume in 10 years points out, your online presence should communicate what you’re truly and genuinely passionate about. If you show interest in the industry that you work in, then it will be apparent in your profile. Commenting in a professional manner on related articles or in forums will show your knowledge and understanding and will get you noticed for the right reasons. Of course, as with any communication you should always think about your personal brand and be consistent with your message whatever the platform.

It is also advisable to keep up to date with your online profile and not let it lapse. This article 10 Ways to Build Your Online Identity, suggests that you incorporate online activities as part of your self-marketing routine on a regular basis. Ensuring that you make ‘self-Googling’ a routine practice. You can make this a little easier on yourself by setting up a Google Alert for your name.

It is also advisable for you to purchase the domain name of your name and have some contact details, professional photo and a bio at the very least on the page.
Search engines will find this the most relevant page, especially when you update it regularly, and it will appear at the top of the list if anyone is searching your name.

The other ‘online resume’ to keep up to date is your LinkedIn profile. If you want to be visible online, then this portal has become the most used by employers and recruiters for finding potential employees. Your profile should be professional and present your career and your passions. Here is some advice from Diana Ryall on choosing the right photo for LinkedIn.

Whenever you update or post something on LinkedIn it appears in your connections’ activity feed. Adding to your profile regularly will not only make you more visible, it will show you to be professional. Add new information such as details of a business network you belong to, a community project you’re involved in, or details of how you have been successful in your current role. Make sure there are no gaps in your profile that are unexplained, treat it the same way as you would your resume. Also, as this article The importance of taking control of your online career profile points out, you should not just copy and paste lengthy lists from your job description. Your online profile should be short and to the point to capture the attention of whoever is reading it.

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