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The problem with meritocracy – commentary from Diana Ryall

In today’s business world, when we look for leaders, we expect them to be tall and male – because today that is what we see. When we read the business section, a picture of a woman takes our attention.


Dress for Success Sydney – 100 years of power dressing fundraising event

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Inspiration from an Xplore Associate
Marie O’Brien

Sometimes when we hear that we need to be more courageous in our career it turns to the thought of asking for what we want into something scary!

Career, Coaching, Gender Equality

Why is it so hard to ask for a pay rise?

Why is it so hard for us to talk about how much we’re really worth to the company?


How to ask for what you want and back yourself

So, you’re ready to back yourself for a successful career, now you need to learn to ask for what you want and have the right conversations at the right time with the right people.


Introverts vs. extroverts in leadership

The difference between an introverted and an extroverted leaders can be immense but in a lot of ways they both share many commonalities.


Inspiration from an Xplore Associate
Liane McGrath

If I reflect on my career and a particular time when sponsorship would have benefited me, it was when my organisation was merging with two other companies. I was close to my Managing Director and he was competing for the CEO position of the parent company, however he was unsuccessful and another of the merging…

Career, Sponsorship

What is a Sponsor? And how do I find one?

Although it is important to have mentors to support you in your career, having a sponsor can make all the difference to the path that your career will take.


Sponsorship – The Pathway to Diversity and Inclusion

Sponsorship is an increasingly important tool for individuals to achieve their career goals and for organisations to stimulate and motivate their top talent.

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